Thursday, 31 January 2013


i am a designer.

all through my adolescent years i've had an interest in design - so i studied graphic design the year i finished my senior year at high school. i really really enjoyed it, but it's not something that i could do as a career, due to only liking certain parts about it. so now, after taking two years off - i'm going back to study interior design! which i have also shown interest in for many years. i am so, so glad that i have graphic design under my belt - it is still something that i love looking at + doing. however, i am peachy keen to start studying interior design next month. 

anyway, i recently discovered the website dribbble, it's the go-to website for endless graphic design inspiration. it's just another one of those websites i could spend hours + hours on. i definitely recommend checking this website out if you're into design!


p.s - loving the sorbet + pastel colours right now!

storefront - laura coggins • hello - caleb wayne jensen • urbanic - stitch design co. • tall type - greg christman • regina - regina casaleggio • quincy's - valerie jar • bk - breanna rose • love taza - breanna rose


  1. You might want to give credit to the designers you are love!

    1. sorry! i popped them up just now. i usually do, dont know what came over me yesterday.. haha thanks for visiting though! :)


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